Thank you for stopping by Teelhaven Poodles! We are located in Ada, Oklahoma, 83 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Teelhaven Standard Poodles are bred for intelligence, temperament, health, beauty and conformation. All are registered with AKC. We produce several colors of Poodles such as Black, Brown, Apricot, Cream, the Parti Poodle (spotted), and our most popular red.

The Standard Poodle is a beautiful dog, calm and eager to please. Always happiest at your side. Poodles are a non shedding breed and tolerated well by those with allergies to other pets.

Standard Poodles are capable of achieving anything asked of them from agility, obedience, hunting, therapy dog, or couch potato, and most of all, being your best friend. In our opinion, the Standard Poodle is the perfect dog.

Be sure to visit our other pages for pictures of our beautiful girls and boys as well as available Standard Poodle puppies and young adults. 

Please contact us when you find a puppy you want, or wish to reserve a puppy from a future litter, or just to ask a question. We enjoy talking about our Standard Poodles!!!

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Kay & Richard Teel

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